800 Videos Found of 16-Month-Old’s Abuse in Korea

Rest in peace, Jung In.

Shafiqah Othman
4 min readJan 5, 2021


Jung In at the shelter before her adoption. Photo source: Twitter

On 13 October 2020, sweet little Jung In passed away in the hospital at the young age of 16 months after sustaining 10 months of abuse at her adoptive parents’ hands. Police have found 800 videos of her torture in her parents’, Ahn and Jang, possession.

Autopsy reports show that Jung In had a ruptured pancreas and major internal bleeding. Her arms and collarbones were broken. There were bruises all over her body.

Her adoptive parents have even appeared on a TV show together with Jung In “celebrating” adoption. In the screen captures, you can see that Jung In is no longer the glowing and happy baby she used to be while in foster care.

Ahn and Jang with Jung In (bottom left) on EBS’s “One Average Family”. Photo source: Koreaboo

In an episode of “Unanswered Questions,” a medical professional said it requires a force of 3800–4200N to inflict such damage on a child. They further explained that a “ruptured pancreas is, without a question, a three on the AIS”, or the Abbreviated Injury Scale that ranks the severity of possible injuries.

A Twitter user even shared with me:

“In my 10 years experience as a doctor treating critically ill patients, it's super rare (almost unheard of) to get a ruptured pancreas even when the patient has a super severe accident. I've never seen one myself despite treating thousands of accident patients. This is probably because anatomically pancreas is a well-protected organ because of its important function, its a retroperitoneal organ that is at the very back, protected well with a cushion called our stomach our omentum fat.”

For comparison, “Unanswered Questions” ran a few experiments to test what it would take to produce that amount of force:

  • Dropping a baby mannequin = 1778N



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